Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017: Let's Make More Time This Time

….and another year is passed. I constantly hear people pointing out the incredible speed at which time is running away from them. Years look like months. One hour phone call to my love life (of course before marriage) now appears bigger than 5 years of married life. Time appears to be moving slow in young age and quite fast as we age. Well, there are some strange theories which say that this perception of time (moving fast or slow) has its roots linked with the ratio of time interval to the total life span we have been alive. Like for a 10 year old young boy, one year is a long period of time since one year is 10% of his total life so far. But for a 50 year old this one year is just 2% of his total life. So no doubt we can see here that 10% is more than 2%.

But I have always felt that somehow this time perception is related to level of my consciousness. How conscious or we can better say “aware” I am?  And we are aware only when we are doing something novel, when we are in some adventure, when the moment is a quest for life and death….and time is slow. We can see that as we age our routine becomes repetitive, there is nothing new in it….we just get up (or gather ourselves) from the bed, breakfast, routine job, some flirt/gossip, back home and sleep. There is nothing novel in it….nothing new to challenge our mind. In fact our mind can do these things for us in sleep also. Our Mind can only Re-act….it can’t act…it filters through the stored memories and then suggests the route of action. Act is the responsibility of Consciousness or Soul….when we challenge the order of our life to experience something new. Remember our first love proposal…of which we had no experience, job interview, a warrior fighting for life and death….and these moments are eternal.

So the more we learn new things, new adventures, challenge our notions and principles…more alive we are for we are not an entity but a flow. We are not here to pass time, to please some God…but we are here to experience ourselves…and through this experience we absorb this mysterious phenomenon called life…we move forward towards our quest to know what we are.

So let’s plan something new for ourselves this year…learn something new…anything that we are yearning for long…anything that makes us more alive….music…martial arts…language….stock market. This is the path of a warrior…to explore life…to live more and follow less.



  1. Happy New Year sir....as usual unique way to look at the things and clarity of though process...will add something new in my Life.