Friday, 14 August 2015

Venky's India Ltd-Q1-Result Update

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Results are great. Further improvements in raw material prices with low inflation coupled with normal monsoon may result in even better results in the future. Scope of growth and expansion is always there.

So just hold it. Chicken is just marinated...Enjoy the full Barbecue.

Venky's Quarter June-15 Results ( In Cr )
Q1-2015-16 Q1-2014-15 Var%
Turnover 558 441 26.53%
Operating Exp 522 429
Operating Profit 36 11 227.27%
Net profit 15.82 1.58 901.27%

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  1. Gurpreet Sir, what's your opinion on Hikal Ltd? It has not participated in this bull run at all though the company belongs to a reputed group. Best regards.

    1. Hi Dear, You are right. Hikal is one of the very few indian Pharma companies which invest heavily in R&D. Hikal usually invests around 5% of annual sales which is great.Another one is Biocon which invests around 7-8%. It belongs to reputed Baba Kalyani Group (Bharat Forge).

      I studied it long time back when it was around 450 (before split). It had invested big in Crams business which i think did not perform that well so it is giving normal results, nothing special.

      But it is a good company, no doubt about that. Will study it and come back. But you can invest in it if you have some study.