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Death a contemplation-4th Part

This is the 4th part in the series. read the first three at the following link:

Death a contemplation-1st/2nd/3rd part

“I am time, the destroyer of all; I have come to consume the world”. These are not from some Movie, but these are words of Lord Krishna. Only Lord Krishna has the unique way to declare the truth in its own unique aggressive way which can at some times look quite egotist. Lord has told these in chapter 11, verse 32 of the Geeta. I find these very mysterious and so far still unable to understand the real meaning of it.  General translations have been given like time will kill everything so Arjuna can’t save them (Kauravas) as time is bound to kill them anyway.

But the use of word “Time” by Lord is itself something very meaningful. Does he approve of Time as an entity? Time is real; not a byproduct of space and consciousness! Time has always fascinated me and I found myself using phrases like “How much time it took to God to create Time” to signify the mystery of time. At times I also felt “space is a physical demonstration of time”.

Remember the famous insoluble chicken egg riddle….what came first a chicken or an egg, a tree or a seed? It appears just out of reach for a rational mind, but the situation seems real and complex. How can there be a chicken without egg and there can’t be any egg without a chicken. But actually this situation is a phenomenon of time theory. If you take time as a linear entity, you can’t solve this. If there are past, present and future on straight linear time line, then this question is absurd. Then the only answer is-someone put the egg on the bare earth and it became a chicken or straightway a chicken was produced. Even this doesn’t seem out of place because at some “point of time” the base matter of our universe was produced in this way.

Or in fact, there are no such fragments of time…time is a one single moment and that is only present. Past and future are ramifications of physical spatial universe. Tree and seed are not different; they are same, facets of one complete moment, a cycle of tree life. In this cycle, seed is becoming tree and tree is again becoming seed. But this is one single moment. But due to our senses and space limitations we are seeing it as line of events.

What are our sensory limitations? The information or events we gather from the universe depends upon the “data” processed by us. It is just like our flour mill. The flour (after the grain is crushed or processed) we are gathering from the outflow nozzle is not the total “possible” flour at that “moment” but it is the quantity which the flour mill can process at a given moment. So one flour mill can process 1 kg or 100 kg…it is pure processing power.

Similarly, the data captured by our various senses makes up the time moment for us…but the information processed is not the complete or absolute…it is “relative” to our processing power. So if there is another or parallel universe; with its own set of law of physics then there will be a difference in time span for a given event. It may took 10 minutes for me but in another realm of life it may be just 1 minute.

Just look at our dreams, we never feel “passing” of time in dreams. Sometime we witness a very length event in a dream…but when we wake up…it is only 5 minutes. And to the most of our astonishment, most of the times in our dreams, we are already knowing the outcome or next event of our dreams; we see a full incident at the very moment of our dream. When we wake up, it feels like we have seen a flow of events and linear time comes into being. But we shock to see the clock which shows only minutes have passed. Dreams are a great example of timelessness. We feel that the event of our dream has occurred in a series of events. However it was a single complete occurrence.

I run 2 miles and when I see the clock…it shows 10 minutes have passed. But that only means that the minute needle of clock has covered the distance of 4-5 inches in the clock when I have run 2 miles. My speed may be variable, but speed of needle is always constant. And we can measure something only with a constant yardstick. But if we remove the clock from the picture and asks 5 different persons running 2 miles in 10 minutes; every person will feel the 10 minute length differently. For some it may be longer than the others. The more conscious we are, longer the time duration feels; more sleepy we are, time just runs away. Lovers always feel this timelessness when they are in their moment of togetherness. When we are young, time moves slow; we start doing job and time just run away. We are conscious when we are young, but job is a sleepy routine.

So our first impression of time is due to space. If there is no space and I want to meet you; then it won’t take any time at all. But our mind fails to comprehend this situation of timelessness. Because we think that our laws of physics are universal laws. But these are laws of our small universe. Life at another realm may have its own set of laws. There, force of gravitation may be instrumental in burning fire…not for attracting things, oxygen is required for people to fly in the sky as their bodies are made up of different material which requires oxygen to stimulate its cells; which then behaves like pump. It can be anything which we just can’t imagine. Most of our physical laws are “derivatives”; they are not made or created at first but due to creation of first, second and third law in that order, another fourth law comes into existence. Had "God" had created initial three laws in different order (2,1,3) fourth law could have been a different law.

I feel our death was created in this manner. It is a bit complex. Death is also a Derivative. I’ll try to explain with examples. In accounting , we use different set of debit/credit rules for different type of phenomenon. If it is personal accounts like persons/banks we use set A for debit/credit (dr the receiver, cr the giver ) ; for real accounts like cash/machines we use set B (Dr what comes in, cr what goes out ) but now when we come to nominal accounts like Expenditures/incomes we find that because of sets A and B already used for personal and real accounts, the freedom to define the rules of Dr/Cr for nominal account is almost gone. Nominal accounts are completely bound by personal/Real account rules.

We want to pay salary in cash. Salary is an expense and cash is a real account. We have already defined credit for what goes out in case of Real accounts. In this case , cash is going out…so we have to use credit for cash; And hence we have no other option but to use debit for expenses in nominal accounts. We can say rules for nominal accounts are Derivatives. They derive their presence due to Rule A and B. 

I’ll give a simple example. Suppose during our camping in a forest, we have planned for Bar be Queue lamb. We are having some rice and one pot also with us. We have very limited quantity of coal with us. So we decided to go for Lamb and prepared the bar be queue set up. But one of our friend , oblivious to our plan; put the coal in the stove for fire, rice and water in the pot and finally put the pot on the stove. Now as he has already used the available option or freedom to use coal and pot for rice …so lamb can’t be bar be queued or cooked in the pot. It will remain uncooked. But again, another friend of ours put the pieces of lamb into the rice and what we got finally is a tasty “Biryani”. This biryani is a derivative. Because it wasn’t our first choice but it is existing due to choices made earlier.

I think the same is true for our death. Because our model of life here just looks ordinary. It doesn't look advanced. What was the need to create death? Why the concept of food was created in this complex way? Our bodies could be made in a way to use sunshine and water as food instead of killing and wandering for food. Death mayn't be the original plan by the creator, but as he had already created the initial laws of physics and basic structure of our bodies. These initial steps might have made possible the existence of death. Like our memories…the only possible way to end our old memories of childhood/youth and old age and start afresh is to destroy these. It is only possible with death. And when no such destruction is required as one has risen above the impact of memories, a human simply transcends as told by our old Gurus like Buddha and Lord Krishna.

(I find this derivative concept very mysterious; will explain it further in some next post)

In the same way, I feel time is also a derivative of space and consciousness. And duration of time is different in different world. After death, a soul may remain in the world of souls. But during its stay, few days there may be equal to 50-60 years in our Mrityuloka (Earth). So it may be possible that a son can meet his father after death, where his father may feel that only few days have passed after death, but for his son 50-60 years have passed after the death of his father. We have heard so many instances of Near death experiences, where a huge numbers of people have claimed to meet their dead loved ones. It is possible only because of different speed of time.

(This is getting quite lengthy and complex, so I’ll finish it in the second post)…to be continued...


  1. well! since I am very tired I haven't been able to read the full article. however the curiosity in me compels me to comment.
    Time is the creation of man it never existed.Man has only quantified the passage of life and events. from measuring something complicated as when did the universe come into existence to something as simple as how much time did it take to go to the market.
    have you wondered if we could measure it as in how many breaths did it take to go to the market but the rate of breathing is different for all. Time is the destroyer of all or everything is doomed to come to an end one and the same thing but time has simply quantified it. Time is a wonderful constant for measurement of events but then we all know there are people who have defied age and have done marvelous things for age is also time but quantified as age.

    1. Well sahil nice to see you here…but I am not being able to understand what you want to say here. We never create or measure something like time, we just feel it as it is embedded into our system. Whether it is an objective reality….we simply still don’t know.

    2. giving my mind some freedom to breach the boundaries of established concepts. :p

  2. If I see Death in a larger perspective Death brings balance in universe.
    we are facing the brunt of overpopulation the original concept must have had death as one aspect of life to maintain balance in universe. as we are now understanding it in the form of ecosystem. if I was to relate it to economy Depression can be a near manifestation of death though it does not bring everything to an end but certainly the weak and incompetent are ousted who could only have been putting things out of balance


    1. Death as a phenomenon maintaining balance is the most micro level perspective for from a macro level perspective death doesn't seem to exist. Perhaps you misunderstood the post…it is not about good or bad impacts of death…but it is about its understanding. Whether one human being with life span of 3000 years misuses the earth’s resources or 50 people with 60 years age, the impact is same on the ecosystem. It is not about death but about wisdom.

      And it is not weaker people that are creating havoc on the ecosystem (and so they should be vanished) but strong rich people whose over and mad consumption of resources destroying the earth….but as you can see the inequality, poor (who are not misusing the earth) are dying without food …but this inequality is not due to Death.

    2. weak and incompetent meant industries, as in survival of the fittest.
      because i was very sleepy I believe i refrained from making a concise comment.

  3. coming to the speed of time and how einstien related it to the speed of light
    lets take a daily life example when we come across the concept of speed of time, we rush to a place to reach early wow! we ran fast or time slowed down for us?

    1. Well said sahil.....i really appreciate ur knowledge... 👍

    2. If you really can run fast and beat the barrier of speed of light…speed of time will slow down. This is Einstein’s theory of relativity.

      But even his formula is not sufficient to define the nature of universe. Einstein is relevant to speeds much below speed of light (level upto atom). Near or above it and we’ll take resort to Quantum mechanics. At subatomic levels, particles also behaves like a wave.

      Under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.

      Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein's long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since travelling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways like our universe is a hologram.

  4. I read it re read it re re read it . Thanq very much Sir.
    Just one point to ponder ! Time is what ? We have made Past Present and Future. Just as you shall rise level "Time Cease For You".
    How , a train departed from one station , it is past for that station , present where it is and future. For the destination station. Now if you are flying in a plane and you look at train it is time ! All in present for Departed station or destination station, is at low
    So the Higher you go in spirituality , you get detached from your surroundings.
    With due Respect for your other than stock market sharing .
    Mahesh Vakharia

    1. well said Sir...this is just like atoms of a rock...atoms are running around...moving around at speeds and thus creating this rock which is not moving at just stands still.
      But this thing "Time" has really rocked me...


  5. Waiting for next part ! Please write it sir...

    1. Yes Dear, It is under progress. will post soon. For some reason your message was classified as spam hence could not see your msg earlier.