Sunday, 23 March 2014

Death-a Contemplation-2

One reader after reading my first post Click here on the subject has posted the following question:

Q: Hey after reading this blog, my mind is filled with a lot of questions. There have been cases where dead people come back to life but most of them dont remember during that short time span and the ones who remember recall a godly person in a robe telling them there time has not come. Is that a perception of their unconscious mind? also there is a rarest of rare medical condition in which people die suddenly and come back to life, sometimes in their graves, about to get buried. really shocking documentary i saw on discovery. What could be the reason for that? And this thing about destiny. we are told that we are punished for what we do by God. But its also evidently written in Bhagwat Gita that nothing happens without God's will. So how can we be punished for something that is already meant to happen?


Life, as we are living is not the only possible way to live. It is only the extension of one of the possible ways. For us life is about education, job, marriage, children etc. we have established societies although we never share. Even our creativity is money and career oriented. We began with stones and now we have stones from Moon in our hands. This seems one remarkable journey. But can we say that the current style of living is the only possible best way to live life? 

Can we say that there was always a place for clothes, fire/salt/oil for preparing our food in the life process? Life intended us to live in that way? In one chilling winter night in Punjab, me and one of my friend was wandering in the streets to enjoy the winter. We saw some beggars in the streets crying for warm clothes. My friend said, “what our life could have been without clothes? We could have died. But God has already arranged for that”. But i was of the opinion that if we hadn’t discovered the clothes, then we would have had some other arrangements like thick or hairy skin like other animals. In order to cope with the adverse climate, our bodies might have developed amazing capabilities over generations. Just Like in place of fuel based propulsion engine to fly, we could have invented anti gravity.

Can’t we have a social system where nothing is personal…no personal property…everything belongs to the society and people do work to satisfy their urge for creativity, contribution.

I mean, we provide meaning to life as per our definitions…definitions which are relative to our level of perception…definitions which says there are good and bad deeds….and bad deeds are punishable. But you see the world around you and nowhere you will find any application of this rule as established by GOD or Mother Nature. No such rule got activated when that innocent girl “nirbhaya” was being raped and killed in Delhi…no God came down to save her. In fact no God has ever come down to save any of crores of such girls. No God has ever come down to save innocent babies who are killed in accidents or murdered.

You come out and see with open eyes and you will see only one rule…Survival of the fittest. It is dedicatedly followed in Jungle where every moment is about survival.
I don’t deny God…he is-for consciousness can’t be without superconsciousness but question is whether our observation or experience about him is right or we can better say absolute. Because if not saving a poor girl is a sin for us then the same thing applies to God also because he sees and knows everything as we depict him.

Life is stranger than we think. If being God is love and compassion then why still hate and cruelty prevails? Does something is out of control of Almighty or we can’t comprehend the complete picture of life? With our current set of observations we’ll only reach “what created God”…this question is way too heavy for our tiny minds…we just can’t comprehend something out of nothing.

This question is still staring at us…but instead of solving we have pronounced the way of Almighty…declared his likings and disliking. But I feel the mystery is still unsolved. A rope becomes a snake in utter darkness.

I am of the view that consciousness is multi layered. We, the humans, are somewhere in middle with things like stones at the lowest…they have lowest level of life or consciousness. We can’t make a lion realize the pain of a deer, his prey…we can’t teach him kindness…for him deer is just food…his level of consciousness limits him upto that. But we, the human, know that people have died without food for their love.

In the same way, Devtas like Indra and others are those who are above us in hierarchy and so they understand life and existence much better than us. And perhaps somewhere in these layers lies a consciousness who understands the mystery of God. And when some human transforms…like Buddha, Mahaveera…he moves up the ladder and then there is no returning back.

Although we can’t understand the mystery of creation (or GOD) from nothing or of a universe which is ALWAYS here but yet we KNOW that it has really Happened as only because of that happening we are here…the only thing which we don’t or can’t seem to know is HOW it has happened.
Hence we are wrong in our perception that our understanding of life is an absolute one. Life is really much more complex than a two sum game of good and bad. 

Regarding Lord Krishna saying that everything is a will of God…I feel he was saying this to Arjuna to persuade him to go for War, who didn't want to go for the war and I feel logic wasn’t that great because Arjuna could have told him that his decision to move away from war was also a will of God. How can one decide the will of God? Millions died in Tsunami…whether it was a will of God? Had I tried to save someone from dying, would it have been an opposition to will of God? Who will decide and how? Will of God is a psychological concept to console ourselves in adversity. 

90% of our universe is dark matter…means the matter which we can’t see and comprehend but it is there and everywhere. As scientists look closer at the speeds of stars in some galaxies, they find something strange. The individual stars in a galaxy should act like the planets in our solar system--the farther away from the center (in our Milky way, the sun) , the slower they should move. But the Doppler Shift reveals that the stars in many galaxies do not slow down at farther distances. And on top of that, the stars move at speeds that should rip the galaxy apart; there is not enough measured mass to supply the gravity needed to hold the galaxy together.

It is possible only if galaxy contains more mass than was calculated. Scientists theorize that, if the galaxy was surrounded or filled by huge unseen matter, the galaxy could remain stable at such high rotational speeds.
This unseen matter is Dark Matter which is staggering 90%. Not only are we not at the center of the universe as we know it, but we aren't even made up of the same stuff as most of the universe. universe is something completely different, We are just this small excess, an insignificant phenomenon…perhaps a wastage…

Gurpreet Singh.


  1. What a grip sir ! Bravo ! Yes you are right , to comprehend god is not possible , space can never be understood , space need space to expand , and that space is also expanding in some space , our intellect is not capable to understand this , grey matter is another aspect of energy which has been recently proposed by scientists but Indian monks , munis have talked about it a 1000 years ago , cosmos energy is every where , out of which all the matter has come out , in meta physics also it is energy which vibrates in matter due to which matter look like the way it is , energy Is unbiased , as electricity , it never discriminate , it lightens the bulb and eletrifies a criminal as punishment under law in some places of the world , same way god is energy out of which everything exist ,atom is made up of that energy , energy as a source remains in every being out of which all the actions are done in nature , including humans , that is why we say everything happens as per gods will , as gods will is that pure energy given to all , but to utilise it has it consequences , there is no sin or merit , only consequences are there , as energy is given to all it is our will how we use it , but in fact this will also depends on energy , basically for humans and existence we can divide energy or manifestation of energy in 3 states or kind , rajsik ,tamsic and satwik , all are important and support each.other , as without tamsic element we can never sleep , sleep is the most vital aspect of life , without it we will die for sure in few days , rajsik is desire and action , and satwik is knowledge and divinity which gives peace to soul , all are important but in a certain balance , when balance is disturbed problem arises , rape and criminal activities are activated when tamsic element is on high in human being , means ignorance is high , such crimes takes place , now god has created these 3 elements for proper working of universe , but when disbalance arises such accidents happens , just like while we drive a car , we are god of our car , we hold destiny of car , but when disbalance happens crah occurs , now disbalance is may be due to many factors , controllable and non cotrolable , but for god there is nothing non cotrolable , what we see as a accidnet and blame god it is the way superconcious controls the disbalance , which and how its all decided by that super conscious which we can never understand , the people who have understood have gone in ecstacy and bliss , and always appreciated the working of god , liberty and freedom to manipulate thses three kind of manifestation of energy is given to us by god , when we act we act as per these qualities and thier manupaltion is in our hands , lord is triguna teet , beyond these 3 dimensions , humans can become like this with spiritual practices , mind my word spiritual practices not religious practices , spiritual practices have no form and norms , it is free and unconditional , spiritual practice means to get in connection to that energy which is given to us already , when we access that energy how we utilise it is a side is a different issue , again 3 aspects come to play here , like when a rakshasa do aspritual practice it will be as per tamsic nature and will cause destruction , like the ravana did , and the spiritual practice hanuman ji did was of satvik , lord never discriminates , he loves all eqaully , that energy , super consciousness loves every bit and being , it is just our small intellect which asks so many questions which is beyond its limits , so law of nature , god , consciousness or what we say every action has equal and opposite reaction all conclude one thing , there is one field of energy which knows all , which is the reason of everything happening but not directly but as a root cause !

  2. wow...what an effort Sir ! I can sense your difficulty in expressing your feelings in words as these feelings are always beyond words. Thanks

  3. Thank-you sir ! You are right :-)

  4. Brilliant article sir . Can,t imagine I could find such stuff at some finance blog.

    1. Thanks Dear...This pertains to Energy part of this Blog. Hope you have also gone through part 3&4 of this article.